C2C 2021 - EMEA

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Modernizing Your SEO Strategy

We have been witnessing a fundamental shift in search over the past few years, but the global events of 2020 have catalyzed digital adoption, elevated consumers' expectations from brands, and had an unprecedented impact on search behavior. Furthermore, the web has gotten more complex, the way we access information has evolved, and innovation has created more competition - and opportunity - than ever before. This also means that the role of SEO has never been more important. 

Crawl2Convert will explore the key drivers shaping the future of search and what that means for a modern and agile digital strategy. We'll delve into the areas of innovation that are and will continue to create efficiency, value, performance, and of course, real business growth. We'll discuss what it means to prepare for and combat unpredictability in an ever-changing environment.  From where to invest resources to how you measure and report on the ROI of SEO to opportunities to bridge the gap between organic search and engineering, Crawl2Convert will address strategic and technical challenges - and the potential that comes along with them!

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Lyco Adhy Purwoko

Product Management, Web Experience - SEO & Advertising

Adrien Menard

Co-founder & CEO

Amos Grima


Sarah Moaligou

SEO Project Manager

Braconnier David

Head of SEO

Shaping the Future of Search